Production Equipment Rental Basics

In the event you are running a young film production company, your dreams should not be shuttered due to the lack of production equipment. When the company is on a movie set and is challenged with the lack of a walkie talkie, generator, and a tent and canopy then this should not be the end of your dreams. All this equipment is available for rental to ensure quality film production that will be loved by many people.

Skye Rentals is one of the premier companies currently providing equipment and location services to movie sets. (Their website is They are well organized, flexible and have the overview of the whole production process since their founder is a successful commercial producer.

Reasons Why A Company Should Rent Film Production Equipment

Renting film production equipment is helpful when it comes to kit selection. You will be given the necessary advice and if possible some training on how to use the equipment most effectively. The renting company also uses such equipment. Hence, they have the necessary technical skills in handling this equipment.

When you rent some of this equipment, the renting company will probably offer shipment services enabling your company to proceed with film production within a reasonable time frame.

Anytime you walk into a renting company to rent either a generator or a tent; you will come across wide varieties of other equipment that may be helpful in film production. Also, you will be offered appropriate advice if necessary on film production. Believe me or not, this may lead to a twist in the whole process of film production.

Walkie Talkie Rentals

In any given film set up, proper communication is key to better performance. Proper communication will enable the participants to take instructions and directions better. You may not be able to afford to own a walkie talkie; meanwhile you may rent to have make things a lot easier.

Generator Rentals

When the power goes off, your film production should not as well stop.
Consequently, when the film is based in a place without electricity, the production process should proceed without any doubt. Generator rentals will give you the peace of mind and consistency in the film production process.

Tent Rentals

Any film production requires actors or actresses to have a place to change. Tent rentals tend to be the best option in enabling them to change into different outfits or costumes with their own privacy. Purchasing tents might be too expensive in the preliminary stages of your career, but your dreams are more valid to accomplish with renting.

Canopy Rentals

During the entire period of film production, you will need some shelter for crew members that you might not have. Lack of this gives you an alternative to renting a canopy to shelter those crew members. When you want a quality film, then you need to consider the rental equipment such as this.


It is worth going an extra mile to obtain the latest film production equipment rather than giving up. Your effort will be rewarded by coming up with quality and well-designed film to be watched and enjoyed by many. If you cannot own some of the best film production equipment such as generators, tent and a canopy then renting this equipment should be one of your alternatives.

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Getting The Budget Right For Your Film Production

Us creative types love working on the fun stuff, the numbers – not so much. But while most of us tend to not entirely enjoy working with finances on set, it’s of the utmost importance to have a sound budget or your shoot could literally end up costing you.

A budget is important because it’s needed to finance the film and you cannot get to production let alone pre-production without this file.

Variety411 has a great article about this as well in their Learning The Productions 411’s series. You can view it by clicking here.

The budget goes into incredible detail about the ‘above line’ costs such as cast like actors and actresses, ‘below line’ which are the actual costs associated with the production, ‘post-production’ which is all the work required after the shoot like editing and visual effects and lastly ‘other’ which encompasses the remaining costs that occur such as insurance and the like.

Your film can be financed by presenting your budget to a variety of places: a private investor, entertainment company or from your own personal bank account.

There are a whole list of costs that you should include in your budget to have it fully fleshed out. Things like story rights, getting the screenplay written, hiring people like a producer, director and your cast and other crew.

The costs for a film can quickly add up because when running a production you have wages for the crew, costumes, catering, transportation, hotel stay and on and on.

There are tips and tricks for cutting costs of your production, but we’ll save that for another article.