Navigating the Los Angeles School System

Los Angeles is known for many things. Contrary to popular belief it is not a city where everyone is affluent, nor is it a city that supports people and children whose life dream is to make it in Hollywood. Hollywood according to most people who live in the LA district is only a small island in a huge ocean. That beach consists of families with children who have the same issues that all parents and children all the U.S have, finding a great school.

The Los Angeles, Unified school district, is the largest school district in the country. It has also earned a reputation for being too bureaucratic and cumbersome. The Los Angeles School District offers a lot of perks that smaller school districts do not provide like innovative and a level of flexibility you wouldn’t find in small school districts. The LA school district has over 1100 schools that serve 660,000 students throughout the entire city of LA and surrounding communities.

school desk with appleFor families looking for good schools to enroll their children in, there are a few fundamental criteria that schools should meet, safety, quality of education and convenience. Parents need to know that their children are safe when they are at school – the security of children was threatened in December 2015 when the board of the LA School District received bomb threats prompting district-wide closures. The quality of education is a contentious subject as people feel that the district is biased towards “inner city” schools but like every school district, the LA Unified school district has had to deal with budget cuts forcing some schools to discontinue teaching the s called “non-core” subjects like arts. Music and art in some schools have been relegated to extramural activities, hobbies, but some passionate teachers have gone out of their way to mentor the truly gifted students who cannot afford common schools and prep schools that have excellent art programs.

The quality of education contrary to popular belief, the best teachers in LA isn’t working in affluent neighborhoods. The LA times has conducted research which shows that the weakest teachers aren’t dumped in poorer areas but are scattered throughout the district which means children, regardless of their socio-economic class have the same opportunities when it comes to being taught by high-caliber educators and those who are simply just going through the motions. Parents can choose the kind of school they what their children to attend, and they don’t always have to be limited by location.

Magnet Schools in LA

Children need to qualify to attend a magnet school. This might have something to do with the quality and level of education these offers. Like a school with active ties with NASA and places a strong emphasis on math, science and technology

Schools for advanced studies are similar but less stringent. There is a serious recruitment an enrollment procedure which may involve a lottery selection process.

Schools of Advanced Studies

These schools have a connection to Magnet schools. The difference is there is no lottery system, and parents are more involved in creating their “gifted” bubble for their children. These bubbles create a scenario where there are schools at the bigger school.

Charter Schools

The LA School District also has some charter schools that are independent schools bound by the same regulations that work for public schools. Each Los Angeles charter school operate in their own individual way.

LA has its private school like the renowned Harvard-Westlake. Tuition fees would be astronomical for blue-collar families, but the quality of education is the best in the district.

LA has too many options when it comes to schools it can be overwhelming for new parents to chose a school that is just right. Thankfully, the district has its own has some information portals where parents can access information about the different schools located in specific areas. The School District supports choice but will stand up for students who feel excluded because of color o, religion or creed.

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