The Emerald Ash Borer Problem In Cincinnati Ohio

In the city of Cincinnati, there has been a problem with an insect called the emerald ash borer. It was not originally found in the state of Ohio. It is the result of an accidental transference, originating from a northeastern Asia forest. This particular beetle feeds upon what is called the ash tree. It is capable of killing not only one tree effectively, but migrating to hundreds or even thousands of them to cause substantial damage. These can be found in parts of North America and Europe, and due to their devastating effects, they have been trying to figure out ways of preventing them from spreading. Let’s look at the problem that is currently plaguing the forests in Cincinnati and what they are attempting to do to control the problem.

Cincinnati tree serviceAn Overview Of The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

These beetles can grow to about 8.5 mm in length. They can be a dark or metallic green color, and those in North America will have a bright red abdomen. The lifecycle is about two years, and during this time they will deposit eggs in the bark. Once they are in, the larvae will begin to hatch and chew through the tree which is what causes the damage. As they are feeding, they will continue to grow and then spread to other trees. This is how vast areas of a forest that specifically have ash trees can be devastated so quickly.

What Is The Problem In Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has experienced a terrible problem with these beetles. They have killed millions of ash trees. According to statistics, they are spreading at a rate that is 40 times faster than before. It has spread from the greater Cincinnati area, spanning all the way to the northern parts of Kentucky. If you are driving down I 75, on your way to Walton, you will see an enormous number of ash trees that have been killed. They are easy to identify based upon the serpentine etchings that are in the tree, indicating that there was an infestation.

How To Know If An Ash Tree Is Infected?

One of the problems they are facing is that ash trees do not initially look sick. Often it can take as much as three years for the tree to die once it has been infested. They will remain healthy looking the first year, but soon you will notice the leaves beginning to look very strange. There will be missing areas in the canopy where the leaves have apparently not grown, and once 35% of the tree has been infested, it will not recover.

How Are They Treating This Problem?

Since this issue was first reported in 2006, seven local counties have been infested. It’s easy to tell where the trees have been as the trees will have no leaves, looking dead all the way to the top. Now spreading at about 40 miles per year, up from a quarter-mile a year just a few years ago, there is great concern about the ash trees that are remaining. They are beginning to treat the problem slowly with tree injections. A Cincinnati tree service company will administer trunk injections with insecticides that will not only kill the bugs but also kill the eggs. By destroying the eggs, the spread of this infestation can be eliminated much more quickly, and this particular plan has been 97% effective. They are telling the people of Cincinnati that have ash trees on their property that they must treat their trees right away, or they could end up dying, and they will have the added expense of having to remove them once they are dead.

This is a problem that did not exist roughly ten years ago. This is evidence of how easily modern transportation and commerce can play a role in adversely affecting nature. If this problem is not handled in the next few years, there could be hundreds of square miles of dead ash trees as a result of these emerald ash borers. Those that are in Cincinnati are well aware of this problem, and many people have taken the time to have the injections done. Hopefully, in the next few years, this debilitating problem for ash trees will be eliminated by finally handling the emerald ash borer problem.

Navigating the Los Angeles School System

Los Angeles is known for many things. Contrary to popular belief it is not a city where everyone is affluent, nor is it a city that supports people and children whose life dream is to make it in Hollywood. Hollywood according to most people who live in the LA district is only a small island in a huge ocean. That beach consists of families with children who have the same issues that all parents and children all the U.S have, finding a great school.

The Los Angeles, Unified school district, is the largest school district in the country. It has also earned a reputation for being too bureaucratic and cumbersome. The Los Angeles School District offers a lot of perks that smaller school districts do not provide like innovative and a level of flexibility you wouldn’t find in small school districts. The LA school district has over 1100 schools that serve 660,000 students throughout the entire city of LA and surrounding communities.

school desk with appleFor families looking for good schools to enroll their children in, there are a few fundamental criteria that schools should meet, safety, quality of education and convenience. Parents need to know that their children are safe when they are at school – the security of children was threatened in December 2015 when the board of the LA School District received bomb threats prompting district-wide closures. The quality of education is a contentious subject as people feel that the district is biased towards “inner city” schools but like every school district, the LA Unified school district has had to deal with budget cuts forcing some schools to discontinue teaching the s called “non-core” subjects like arts. Music and art in some schools have been relegated to extramural activities, hobbies, but some passionate teachers have gone out of their way to mentor the truly gifted students who cannot afford common schools and prep schools that have excellent art programs.

The quality of education contrary to popular belief, the best teachers in LA isn’t working in affluent neighborhoods. The LA times has conducted research which shows that the weakest teachers aren’t dumped in poorer areas but are scattered throughout the district which means children, regardless of their socio-economic class have the same opportunities when it comes to being taught by high-caliber educators and those who are simply just going through the motions. Parents can choose the kind of school they what their children to attend, and they don’t always have to be limited by location.

Magnet Schools in LA

Children need to qualify to attend a magnet school. This might have something to do with the quality and level of education these offers. Like a school with active ties with NASA and places a strong emphasis on math, science and technology

Schools for advanced studies are similar but less stringent. There is a serious recruitment an enrollment procedure which may involve a lottery selection process.

Schools of Advanced Studies

These schools have a connection to Magnet schools. The difference is there is no lottery system, and parents are more involved in creating their “gifted” bubble for their children. These bubbles create a scenario where there are schools at the bigger school.

Charter Schools

The LA School District also has some charter schools that are independent schools bound by the same regulations that work for public schools. Each Los Angeles charter school operate in their own individual way.

LA has its private school like the renowned Harvard-Westlake. Tuition fees would be astronomical for blue-collar families, but the quality of education is the best in the district.

LA has too many options when it comes to schools it can be overwhelming for new parents to chose a school that is just right. Thankfully, the district has its own has some information portals where parents can access information about the different schools located in specific areas. The School District supports choice but will stand up for students who feel excluded because of color o, religion or creed.

autumn trees

Tree Care To Increase Property Value

trees-to-trimHuman activities have invariably affected the population of trees. Industrialization and deforestation have led to a drastic decrease in the number of trees all over the world. We often neglect the advantages offered by the trees. Trees are integral part of the nature. Apart from moderating climate and controlling oxygen levels of the atmosphere; they are also the natural habitat for a large species of flora and fauna. There are many other uses for trees like providing shade and shelter, timber for construction works and fuel for cooking and heating. Trees also provide a variety of fruits for consumption. Another important function of the trees is controlling soil erosion. So the act of cutting down trees is not rational and justified.

Property Appeal And Increased Safety

People often make the mistake of tree trimming for construction and other requirements, even the trees in a household shouldn’t be cut down without major reasons. People often do this for vested interests. They think that cutting down the trees gives more area and hence will increase the land value. The fact is that, well maintained tree on land increases its property value. In some cases, removing the obstructions created by the trees is necessary. In those cases, rather than cutting down the trees, trimming and pruning should be adopted. This skilled work and tree care companies can assist you in this. The credentials of the company should be verified before hiring them.

What To Consider When Contacts Tree Service Companies

But there are many factors you should consider before hiring a tree care company. The first criterion should be the credentials of the organization. A quality tree care company will be affiliated with tress care organizations like tree care industry association. Companies with employees having membership of international society of arboriculture can also guarantee a good service. These companies can be trusted as they are answerable to the accredited organization. A discussion with the tree care advisor will further enable you to make wise decisions. An unlicensed contractor can land you in all sorts of troubles.

The Dangers Of Hiring The Wrong Tree Contractor

An inexperienced person can also cause you monetary losses. An accident caused by a similar contractor at work can even and lead to court procedures there are many types of tree pruning which will make your landscape beautiful and increase its value. Tree care is done by experienced professionals. There are different types of tree pruning. Vista tree trimming, trimming for health, preventing storm damage, tree development, restorative etc.

Maintaining Beautiful Looking Trees Isn’t Rocket Science

In restorative tree trimming, the aesthetic beauty of the tree is restored by cutting off the branches. This is done purely for bringing back the original form of the tress. There is no functionality associated with this. The obstructions caused by a tree are avoided through vista tree trimming. This helps you to get a proper view of the surroundings without compromising on privacy. Storm damage prevention is done for the members in a house and the surrounding property considering their safety. Branches that are hanging on the walkways and driveways can injure people and damage vehicles. By using storm damage technique, these hanging branches are cut off.

Getting The Budget Right For Your Film Production

Us creative types love working on the fun stuff, the numbers – not so much. But while most of us tend to not entirely enjoy working with finances on set, it’s of the utmost importance to have a sound budget or your shoot could literally end up costing you.

A budget is important because it’s needed to finance the film and you cannot get to production let alone pre-production without this file.

Variety411 has a great article about this as well in their Learning The Productions 411’s series. You can view it by clicking here.

The budget goes into incredible detail about the ‘above line’ costs such as cast like actors and actresses, ‘below line’ which are the actual costs associated with the production, ‘post-production’ which is all the work required after the shoot like editing and visual effects and lastly ‘other’ which encompasses the remaining costs that occur such as insurance and the like.

Your film can be financed by presenting your budget to a variety of places: a private investor, entertainment company or from your own personal bank account.

There are a whole list of costs that you should include in your budget to have it fully fleshed out. Things like story rights, getting the screenplay written, hiring people like a producer, director and your cast and other crew.

The costs for a film can quickly add up because when running a production you have wages for the crew, costumes, catering, transportation, hotel stay and on and on.

There are tips and tricks for cutting costs of your production, but we’ll save that for another article.

Best 2015 Super Bowl TV Ads

The Super Bowl is the event of the year where everybody delights in the new and entertaining commercials the industry brings the public. Here is a video I found that captures the best ones this year. This is where most of us at SETMasons invest our time, energy and sanity. We work hard to produce sets and productions that run smoothly. So our clients can rest assured we will deliver them the best we are capable of.

Here’s the video!

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